Congratulations to all the affluent home owners in the Kenwood neighborhood in Minneapolis, you are now part of an honored list of the nicest neighborhoods in the country.

For those of you not familiar with where this neighborhood is, it is behind the hustle and bustle of Uptown and surrounds Lake of the Isles. Yes it is a pricey area, and actor  Josh Hartnett has been rumored to have a home in the area.

The closest I have ever gotten to Kenwood is when I used to ride my bike down 36th Avenue South onto the bike path on Lake Calhoun, and then proceed to bike around Lake of the Isles.

It is quiet with pristine lawns, alarm warning signs in the grass, and huge homes with a view of Lake of the Isles. If you don't feel like walking or biking around the lake, the road weaves around for you the average person to gawk at these magnificent abodes.

As a side note the house that they showed on the Mary Tyler Moore show is in Kenwood and if you look really hard you can see the window that she could look out of. For the complete list click here.