Some adorable new wolf pups that were born in Voyageurs National Park will be featured in a new Natural History series on Disney+.  Tom Gable, the project lead with Voyageurs Wolf Project, told FOX 9: "the wolves he and his team study in northern Minnesota will be featured in the new series "America the Beautiful." This is "super exciting," noting the series will share "the beauty of the wildlife of Voyageurs and Northern Minnesota with the world."

The team from the Voyageurs Wolf Project was contacted by Disney+ and worked closely with the crew in order to be able to secure the shots for the documentary. Gable went on to say how he and the entire staff are so excited to see the series since all they have seen so far is the trailer that was released a few weeks ago.

He went on to say that what is really exciting is that you often see documentaries about wolves in Yellowstone or the Arctic, but rarely about wolves in Minnesota. The reason being is that observing wolves here in the wild is often very difficult because of the dense forests.

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"America The Beautiful" is narrated by Michael B. Jordan and can be seen now streaming on Disney+. What an exciting experience for everyone involved in the Voyeaugers Wolf Project and for residents of that whole area of Minnesota to show off the beauty of the area. Also hopefully this documentary will help people understand this amazing animal who is often misunderstood as just a predator.

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