When you think of all the dive bars in the country, then in each state and in some cases in each city the number would be astronomical. Well the people at Thrillist came up with a list of the 33 best dive bars in the country 1 was in Minnesota and 1 was in Wisconsin.

So what did the base a good dive bar on?  According to Thrillist "There are many hallmarks that make a good dive bar, from stiff drinks and low lights to patrons who can transition from gregarious to dangerous at any moment. But to be a great dive bar, a joint has to transcend those tropes and offer up something truly special -- you know, the kind of place you actually want to be in." So with the help of their writers all across the country they set out to find these darkly lit gems, with stiff drinks surrounded by people  you truly like being around.

The bars were not listed in any particular order bur the Minnesota Bar chosen was "The Arcade Bar" at 932 Arcade Street in St. Paul. Although some of the dive bar quality's have been removed the character of the place is still intact. Apparently the bartenders will let you know where you stand or where the door is if you use any foul language. Nothing fancy for food, slim jims, microwavable burgers and Heggie's frozen pizza.

The Wisconsin Bar which is a little closer to those of us here in the Northland is "Tom's Burned Down Cafe" in LaPointe Wisconsin. Being from Wisconsin I am proud to say I have been in many a dive bar, but not this one as of yet. Like the name implies this bar was built on top of the remnants of a burned down building. On the shores of Lake Superior it also was voted as one of Americas Best Beach Bars too.

So, there you go if you are into dive bars here is 2 on the list of the best not to far from here !

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