Growing up in Milwaukee I had never heard of pasty's in my life, I actually never heard of them until I moved to Duluth and took a trip to the UP.  I saw a small roadside sign that said "Pasties For Sale" and  I turned to my friend I was with who was born and raised in Duluth and asked her why they would be selling pasties of all things....meaning the little tassels you place on your chest . Yes I pronounced them paste-ees. After she stopped hysterically laughing she explained to me what they were, and I have been a big fan of them ever since.

According to KARE11 a tiny shop in Minneapolis' Dinky Town neighborhood is home to Lands End Pasty Company. John Earl is co-owner of the bakery with his nephew Peter Jacobsen where they make all kinds of pasty's like the traditional steak, potato, rutabaga and onion, but they also offer a variety of other pasty creations, including some vegetarian options.

This year they will test their talents by actually going to go to Cornwall England and compete in the World Championship Pasty Competition. According to the Lands End Pasty Website "Pasties are a traditional Cornish food that dates back to the tin mines in the southwestern portion of the UK."

I was told that Pasty's originated on the Iron Range in Minnesota for miners to put in their lunchboxes because they were easy to eat by holding them in your hands. Well maybe that is how they originated in the United States?

John and Peter will be entering in the open category with three different pasty's: Venison, chicken wild rice and jerk chicken so some Minnesota Influence will definitely be front and cent with the wild rice one.  There is a GoFundMe Page set up to help the duo with traveling expenses to go to the competition.


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