None other than Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., was spotted in Minnesota on Tuesday! He was seen in a store in Minneapolis, and fans of the big-name actor are excited, but also wondering why he was in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Literally one day after Explore Minnesota Tourism adopted the new Anthony Edwards-inspired slogan "Bring ya a--" to encourage people to come to Minnesota, an A-list actor shows up. Is it a coincidence?

Frankly, it appears to be. But he did have a reason for being in Minnesota, and it wasn't just to spend some time vacationing in the North Star State.

A member of a Twin Cities social media group shared a couple of photos of the 'Oppenheimer' actor in the Downtown Minneapolis Target, visiting with customers and even signing an Iron Man mask for a fan.

A fan group found some video originally captured and shared to her story by Instagrammer Cassy Brewer of the man in the store.

As it turns out (as you probably figured out from the video), Robert Downey Jr. wasn't just making an elaborate Target run in the home state of the retail giant. He was actually promoting a product being sold at the store. Julie Wedewer, who was in the store and saw Robert, confirmed he was promoting coffee from a company called "Happy".

Here he is again, seen with a product display for the brand in the store.

Downey Jr. is one of the founders of the brand, co-founded with entrepreneur Craig Dubitsky.

Happy is a packaged coffee brand that offers ground coffee, K-cup pods, instant coffee, and canned coffee beverages. The company promotes itself as a high-quality, "expertly-blended" responsibly sourced brand that highlights its recyclable packaging as well on its website.

The brand also advocates for mental health, partnering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

An RDJ fan page sniffed out some photos of the actor at the Target headquarters as well as part of his trip. Target sells several of the coffee brand's products at many of its stores nationwide.

So while Anthony Edwards' impromptu slogan might not have been the reason for the big-name visitor, some fans definitely got an enjoyable surprise bumping into the actor this week.

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