Everyone with a smartphone knows that they are very expensive, so we  buy the over priced cases to protect them, and try to keep them close when we are out and about. But, unfortunately these have become a big target for thieves as well.

According to City Pages Rep. Joe Atkins (D-Inver Grove Heights) was one of the main players behind the new  "The Kill Switch" bill which has now passed in Minnesota. Atkins son along with law enforcement from the U of M helped him take notice of just how wide spread thefts of these phones have become. Some people have even been assaulted during  robberies to steal these high priced items.

Unlike back in the day, and in rare cases still, people were robbed for their Air Jordan basketball shoes. Having a Smart Phone stolen not only causes a huge headache to replace, but many people have a lot of private information on them.

The phone companies will voluntarily include the "kill switch" technology by July 2015, so hopefully this will happen in more states to curb this rash of thefts.