The first in a series of incremental minimum wage increases in Minnesota took effect at the beginning of August; and while some celebrate the bumps in wage for those that make the minimum, others feel the increase will cause financial hardships for businesses that rely on minimum wage employees.

The controversy comes from a photo of a receipt from Oasis Cafe in Stillwater posted on Facebook that shows a separate "min wage fee" tacked onto the bill of someone that dined at the cafe.

The poster of the photo argues that this separate fee being so visibly displayed on the receipt could easily make employees look like the "bad guys", being the reason for the additional charge for the meal. While the charge is pretty minimal, some of the commenters agree with the original poster that the diner should simply raise their prices slightly, rather than point the finger at the minimum wage increase on the receipt. Others argue it is a fair way to let patrons know why the prices have gone up at the diner.

The post has sparked a conversation that involves not only the Oasis Cafe, but also several people on both sides of the issue. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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