Spencer Barrett and his childhood friend David Burke are two guys who cherish their childhood memories of hanging out at the lake every summer and still love the water and lifestyle that goes with it. So they started a company called Great Lakes Northern Outfitter based in Northeast Minneapolis.

"All of our products are inspired by life at the lake so anything from t-shirts, sweatshirts, swimsuits, button downs, anything you'd need, whether it's sitting down at a bonfire, or taking a pontoon ride at night,” says Co-founder Spencer Barrett.

We have all seen videos or photos of all the pollution found in the oceans but 22 million pounds of plastic is polluted in the Great Lakes alone. So Spencer and David being true to the name of their company decided to do something about it. Their latest design is men's swim trunks made from recycled plastic bottles. They have four designs so far with more and the way and hope to eventually move into other products as well like t-shirts and baseball caps. So if you like to support local businesses and especially one working on a good cause you might want to check out their website. For more on this story Click Here.

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