Oprah Winfrey has become famous for her Favorite Things list every year, and if a company or product makes it, that company sees a bump in business. This year Oprah added a product from a Minnesota company, and it's not the first time they made the list, but it still means just as much.

Oprah released her 2021 Favorites list and Softies from Minnesota Landed some Pajamas (or you can call it loungewear). Softies have made the list since 2017, and keep making the list every year.

According to the Softies website, the company was started in 2006 by Dennis Murphy who worked in women's clothing sales and manufacturing for over 40 years until he got together with his designer Lily and start their own line of women's clothing. The company started in Minnesota and continues in the same state with the warehouse located in Minnesota.

You can imagine because Oprah has picked it, that they can ask and get a little more money so the product line is a little on the high end. For example, the featured product is a Dream Jersey Lounge Set on the Oprah list and runs for about $109. If I spent that much on pajamas, I would wear them to work as well.

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Oprah put 110 items on her list, so if you have some big money burning a hole in your pants, there are some great gift ideas. If you are like me, I can't afford any of it. (I can hear all the women in my family sigh).

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