I will not be making any trips to Burnsville any time soon.

On Tuesday (July 16th) the Burnsville Police Department shared a cringe-worthy but hilarious photo on their Twitter account. What was the occasion? One of their officers finding a giant snake while on duty.

The good news is the cop had a sense of humor about it all, posing with the slithery creature and asking if anyone is missing one. Ha!! Check it out below:

That is definitely a big, fat no from me.

A few hours later, the police department shared an update on the snake, saying it is not a python but instead a Columbian red tail boa constrictor. For some reason, this didn't make us feel any better.

What is with all the snakes in Minnesota these days? Just last week, a giant snake was found in the bathtub of a resident's home, clocking in between six and eight feet.

This is what nightmare's are made of. Hopefully, the snake is returned to his owner's home soon.

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