Police Officers in Yellow Medicine County had quite the ordeal on their hands this week as they chased down a runaway bus down a busy two lane road. A dashcam video from one of the officers vehicles behind the bus shows the harrowing footage as an officer races in front of the bus to try and stop it.

Thankfully the bus was empty except for the driver 70-year-old Brian Fuller, of Renville, Minnesota, who had some type of medical emergency while driving. As you can see from the video below their were many close calls with oncoming vehicles since the bus was traveling in the wrong lane, even a semi truck had to pass on the shoulder.

According to Bringmethenews the bus was traveling around 40 mph om HWY 212 in Granite Falls around lunchtime on Wednesday. Deputy Sheriff Eric Diekmann was able to pump his brakes on his vehicle in front of the bus and eventually get it to stop or at least slow down long enough for  Granite Falls Fireman Greg Meyer to jump out of his personal vehicle, open the door of the bus and  put it in park. The driver of the bus was taken to Granite Falls Hospital, where his condition is unknown.

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