It's hard to argue that the last year was not the easiest for many people.  With the global pandemic, almost everyone's life was impacted in some way.

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Some people lost jobs, others had their whole schedule and way of life turned upside down, and it sucked.  I mean, that's the best way to put it I think.  The pandemic was not really fun for anyone and that includes kids.  Kids of all ages of course.  We had many youth who didn't get to attend a prom they dreamed of, or do that graduation walked they had worked for.  School events that are the norm were cancelled or setup to be done virtually, which really isn't the same.

Listening to the news through the pandemic, it's no surprise that mental health issues were a major issue.  They still are for many people, and while our youth our resilient, they still might need help too.  They are not forgotten and Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce is teaming up with the Minnesota Discovery Center to host a free event.  Youth of all ages and their families are invited to hang out on Thursday, June 10th from 5:00-7:00PM.

They promise it will be a fun filled evening learning about healthy living strategies and also the available and local mental health resources.  Of course there will be games, prizes, access to the grounds of the Discovery Center, and much more.  The Minnesota Discovery Center is located at 1005 Discovery Drive in Chisolm, MN.

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