This is one invention I think just about anybody can appreciate whether you are a camper, have a cabin getaway or just want to whip it up for a place to hang out at the beach. No need to look for trees to attach it too, and it is portable.

This portable hammock weighs less than 15 pounds and could be set up in less than 60 seconds. ............"Whoa." Chris Svensrud and Jason Drew started brainstorming on how to make something like this after probably 50 prototypes, they finally had the "Mock One" which they launched in August 2018 under the brand The Republic of Durable Goods.

This hammock needs to be lightweight so that you truly use it anywhere. plus it comes with lot's of accessories if you want. They needed some capitol to get started so they joined kickstarter and indiegogo, they past their goal within a week and ended up, with over $600,000. See a lot of people thought what a great idea this is too! Both guys are hoping that these hammocks will encourage more people to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

The Republic of Durable Goods is based in the Twin Cities. For more information on this incredible story click here. 

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