Minnesota is rolling out some new designs for its driver's license and id cards including new vertical design for anyone under 21.

The new cards feature a design of breaking rocks of the Headwater along the Mississippi River, a pine forest, and a canoeist.

The new under 21 cards are vertical with a design that displays under 18 and under 21 indicators below the photo with dates indicating the under 18/21 until dates.

The new cards also have some new security features including a “ghost image” of the cardholder’s portrait, a multi-colored, intricate background and an image of a walleye embedded into the card that can be observed by holding the card up to a light.

The new cards are also REAL ID compliant and will have designated colors for the text showing the card type like commercial, instructional, motorcycle, and a few others.

Driver and Vehicle Services says that you do not need to replace your current driver’s license or ID card, unless the card is expiring, or you need to change your address or name. Minnesotans whose application or renewal is processed after August 6, 2018, will get the new card.

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