This is one way to bring in local business amid hard times - or a good way to give a laugh to a community who really needs it right now. One bar and grill in Minneapolis is offering up a roll of toilet paper with take-out orders totaling at least 25 bucks. Ha!

Cambridge Bar & Grill posted the fun news on their Facebook page on Tuesday (March 17th), telling customers they were handing out TP with takeout orders as an effort to put a smile on someone's face. Check out their fun marketing photo below:

Courtesy of Cambridge Bar & Grill via Facebook
Courtesy of Cambridge Bar & Grill via Facebook

The eatery is located in Cambridge, Minnesota at 216 Main Street South. Their menu includes soups, salads, wraps, burgers, sandwiches and appetizers.

This special deal comes courtesy of COVID-19. Businesses and restaurants have been ordered to close to dine-in customers but are able to stay open to provide take-out or delivery. As for the toilet paper, it is a reference to everyone stocking up on it over the past few weeks due to concerns of being stuck inside for an extended period of time because of COVID-19.

To keep up with all things COVID-19 and how it is impacting the Twin Ports, click here.

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