A new report from Banfield.com which is a pet hospital recently reviewed the status of cats and dogs in the United States, and apparently dogs and cats in Minnesota are the fattest in the nation. This seems kind of ironic given that fact that the land of 10,000 lakes usually ranks high on the list for people being in pretty good shape.

Banfield Veterinary centers collected data through 2016 and along with other veterinarians were shocked to discover that 41 % of dogs and 46% of cats in Minnesota are overweight! It is estimated that the dog population in Minnesota is a little over 56,000, and almost 18,000 cats that adds up to a lot of chubby pets .

Dr, Kirk Breuninger who is a veterinarian said the main culprit is excessive treats, normalization of bigger pet bodies, genetics and also confusion about their pets diet. Most times when you bring your dog or cat to the vet they will weigh them and maybe offer some suggestions to get them into shape. Just like people overweight animals can be subjected to major health problems. I know we are guilty of giving out dogs occasional treats or people food, but we are lucky that they are of a normal weight, our cats too. Now If I could just get myself in as good as shape. :)

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