This is one of those feel good stories that makes you realize that there are a lot of good people in this world, and when you look at the age of these kids using their knowledge for good, it's pretty heartwarming.

Two year old Cillian Jackson was born with a genetic condition that makes mobility very difficult for him. His parents Tyler and Krissy Jackson were faced with having to come up with thousands of dollars to purchase an electric wheelchair which was not feasible. So, they turned to an unlikely source, a group of teenagers at Farmington High School that are part of the Robotics Team.

Tyler reached out to robotics coach Spencer Elvebak at his former High School and the students were immediately on board to help. Using a Power Wheels Toy, a car seat and even some pool noodles they were able to assemble the body of the power wheelchair. Then came the motor and electronics which the students designed and put together all by themselves. Using a 3D printer and the skills they had learned through competitions  the power wheelchair became a reality! For more on this story Click Here.

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