UPDATE: Kavanaugh's streak of games ended Wednesday evening (7/17), amassing $156,202 in 5 wins. Sam had a tough game, ultimately gambling it all in Final Jeopardy!, and not getting the answer correct. His winning streak was ended by Roey Hadar, a journalist from Arlington, Virginia.

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Carlton native Sam Kavanaugh has been on a streak of wins that started Wednesday, July 10. The Twin Cities teacher took time to talk to the MIX 108 Morning Show about a wide variety of things, including the story behind his signature mustache, what it takes to be on the show, what Alex Trebek is like, things fans of the show might not know about the show experience, and how he almost missed the opportunity to appear on the show twice, among other things. Tap the video above to hear the whole interview!

Even Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has been paying attention to Sam's success, tweeting about it Wednesday.

Kavanaugh will appear once again tonight to go for his 6th straight win and add to his winnings that are well over $100,000. You can catch the show locally at 5 pm on CBS3. Celebrating Sam's success so far, the folks at Jeopardy made a little "sizzle video" about his 5-game winning streak. You can check out the highlights below.


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