The E-cig business has grown by huge leaps and bounds, initially branded to help cigarette smokers quit, it has now become very popular with non smokers as well. This E-liquid does contain nicotine and now might be facing a huge tax hike.

According to an article in City Pages the Minnesota Legislature want's to impose a 30 cent per milliliter tax on e-liquids which could add up to $9 or $18 a bottle just in tax. Cigarette smokers know what that is like with the average pack of cigarettes in the Duluth area costing around $8.60.

Clear Way Minnesota is an organization designed to keep tobacco products away from teens and their Rep. Molly Moilanen said that 11th graders in Minnesota are using E-Cigs at twice the rate of cigarettes.

Independent Vape shop owners are obviously concerned with the proposal as they assist customers in making sure they have the right product for their particular needs. This can range from a type of E-Cig to the actual liquids which can have varying amounts of Nicotine. This proposal is still in it's infancy, but again a huge tax was imposed on cigarettes in the state of Minnesota, so I personally believe a bill of some type will not be to far behind.

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