The pandemic has really done a number on Hollywood and movie making in general. Even major motion picture companies completely shut down and stopped work on blockbuster movies. This time out of work has probably made many actors, directors and movie companies have to step back and reevaluate things just a bit.

Now that theaters are opening back up and productions are getting under way there are actually two bills in front of the house and senate that will encourage film makers to come to Minnesota by offering them a transferable tax credit of up to 25% on in-state purchases for production.

In case this all sounds very familiar St. Louis County actually passed a similar incentive program last year and it is already paying off. Riki McManus, Chief Production Officer for the Upper Midwest Film Office said to WDIO:

We have a number of productions coming to St. Louis County to shoot because of our incentive here. We have two films that will start shooting in May. We've got a couple more that are coming in November. We've got one that's looking at summer still.

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Not only do the production of these films bring in money to that area  but also can create some temporary jobs as well. The end of the session is May 17th and at this point McManus is not sure if these bills will pass. If not, they could see the light of day this summer.

To me it seems like an absolute win, win to pass these incentive packages for future movies and television shows. We can have every season of weather all in one day sometimes around here, and if you look at the entire state of Minnesota their is a lot of different landscapes and natural beauty for great backdrops.

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