Marisa Coughlan was born and raised in Minnesota and knew that when she made a movie loosely based on her own life, she needed to make it back home in Minnesota. She said it is certainly based on her relationship with her father, her own creativity, and her role as a mom.

In the movie titled " Days When The Rain Came" Coughlan plays Jane, a struggling actress who comes home to be with her dad who is sick. In the meantime, she happens to reconnect with her high school sweetheart. The film focuses on the difficulties many women face in their mid-life period.

She said she is at a phase in her life where her kids are still little but you are losing your parents. It is kind of an awkward phase where you are parenting your children and your parents at the same time. Coughlin and her husband moved back to the West Metro (Excelsior) 7 years ago. When they first moved back they rented a house and she was saying to her husband how the whole place looked like the set of a movie.

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Fast forward to the present day and the person who is playing her father is none other than Beau Bridges. She said to WCCO-CBS:Minnesota:

He just reminded me so much of sort of not just my dad but kind of his my warmth and tenderness, I really can't picture anyone else playing this. I really hope you respond to the role and to the material.' And I think he said yes the next day.

Bridges said he thought the script was a "beautifully done piece of work" and actually has a personal connection to Minnesota. He said his son-in-law and daughter are both Gophers. I am guessing they both got to U of M? Bridges also said he loves all the lakes and how beautiful this time of year is in Minnesota. We have to agree with you there Beau.

Coughlin said she is overwhelmed by the amount of support she has gotten from the community and the cast and crew hope to be back in the Twin Cities around a year from now for the premiere. The movie also stars Sam Trammel, Freddy Rodriguez, and Lisa Gay Hamilton. Also, another cool thing is many of the film's crew members and extras are from the local film community.

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