I don't want to call anyone out here but this seems like not the smartest move: a Minnesota thief left their cell phone, without a passcode, in the van they allegedly stole from somebody. Yikes.

It's been a strange week of headlines pertaining to crime. Recently, a Brooklyn Center woman hit a pedestrian while fleeing a Taco Bell drive-thru. Reports say she was growing increasingly angry while waiting in the line.

Another Minnesotan made headlines recently when he caused a Savage school to go into a shelter-in-place. He was busted tanning and reading a book on top of an elementary school. He was given a citation for trespassing.

There are sad stories and random stories, like the examples listed above. There are also stories about dumb criminals doing something absolutely stupid and making us laugh in return. This is that kind of story.

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The thief in this story is so dumb that his major fail is being picked up by national news outlets. So what happened? A Minnesota man allegedly stole a van but left behind a little souvenir: his cell phone!

According to WCCO, the crime happened last month but is now making headlines for its ridiculousness. The crime happened in a Minneapolis Neighborhood. Two people had a big business van in front of their home and it was the target of one not-so-great thief.

In short, the thief stole the van. According to the person who owns the van, it took awhile for the suspect to hot wire the van and must not have considered the fact that it would be easy to spot, given the way it looked.

The suspect drove away but due to the loud nature of the van, the owner spotted it later in the day. The brave owner chased down the van and the driver inside of it, leaving the thief no choice but to ditch the van and book it.

This is the best part: when the owner approached the now-empty van, she noticed a cell phone sitting on the passenger's seat. Yup, the thief was dumb enough to leave their cell phone sitting right there in the van.

That's not where the story ends though. The phone didn't even have a passcode on it! I do not know one person who owns a smart phone or a normal cell phone that doesn't have a passcode on it. I didn't even know that was an option.

The owner of the van was able to unlock the phone by the press of a button. The thief was still logged into Facebook and had already tried selling the products that he took from the van online. Talk about a dumb criminal.

Sadly, the van is likely totaled, as it was stripped of important equipment inside. The good news is it looks like police have the name of the thief, all thanks to the thief itself. That is what I call some bad karma!

The story is even better coming directly from the words of the owners. You can watch their story below. I can't wait to see who karma gets next. Ha!

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