A young Minnesota mother of two is hoping for a Christmas miracle this year not only for herself but for her two sons. But she is preparing in a very special way in case it does not happen. This is truly a heartbreaking story of a mother's love.

Tiffany Anderson of Woodbury Minnesota was born with a rare genetic condition, as were her twin sister, father, and grandfather all three of who passed away at 31 and 30 respectively. Tiffany is suffering from heart failure and without a heart transplant, she has been told she does not have much longer to live. She will find out around Christmas if she made the heart transplant list or not.

Most of us could not even fathom that type of news and living with this condition knowing you are facing the same fate as three of your family members. So Tiffany is preparing for the worst-case scenario by letting her sons know that she is with them always throughout their lives.

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Her two sons are 15 year old Will and 11-year-old Micah who call their mom "Wonderwoman! "  Will went on to say that if her mom is eligible for a heart transplant that it would be the best Christmas present ever!

Anderson said after her sister passed away they found cards that she had written to her kids and she decided to do the same. She said to KSTP:

I want to write cards for them for every birthday at least up to age 21 graduation, from high school graduation, from college, wedding day," she said for the big moments but wanted to capture small ones, too, like one for when Will or Micah is just feeling sad.

Here is where you and others can help. Obviously, the cost of the number of cards she will need is fairly daunting so people have been donating stationery cards for her to use. I for one am getting choked up at the thought of having to face this scenario and how hard these letters would be to write. What a beautiful gesture for her sons. Let's hope that they never have to open these letters, but will have their mom by their sides instead. If you would like to donate note cards you can reach out to Tiffany directly at Tiffmarie723@gmail.com.

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