There's a new survey that aims to answer the question, "What states have the friendliest neighborhood?" Apparently "Minnesota Nice" is a real thing as the Land of 10,000 lakes recently made the top 10 in a recent survey.

The survey was done by RTA Outdoor Living and they used different criteria to come up with these statistics. They asked 1000 Americans different questions like:

  • Do your neighbors often acknowledge you while passing by? (36% said yes overall.)
  • Did your neighbor welcome you to the neighborhood when you moved in? (70% said yes.)
  • Do you spend free time with your neighbors? Only 18% did.
  • Did you give your neighbor a key to your house? 31% said yes.
  • Do you know the neighbors names, major life events, and immediate family members? 63% overall said yes.
  • Do you share personal information with your neighbors. 49% said they do.
  • Does your neighbor offer to help with project or advice? Surprisingly 56% have.
  • What's the most likely favor you've asked from a neighbor? 31% of people surveyed said collect their mail.

Further questions asked about drama like if you've ever not been invited to a neighborhood gathering. 41% said they had not been invited. That's a little awkward.

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Also, about 70% of people said they haven't ever called the police on a neighbor, and about 30% had.  They even go on to list the best responses when asked when neighbors have done something nice for them.

So based on all of those factors they came up with a list of the 10 friendliest neighbor states. Minnesota scored 9.93% higher than the national average putting it at 7th on the list. Hawaii must be real friendly as they took the top spot.

Across the border, Wisconsin didn't do as well. They were the 6th least friendliest state in the US, at 12.09% lower than the national average.


Being a Wisconsin resident myself, I'm going to call B.S. on that one. We've got some pretty nice neighbors and we look out for each other.

As we are starting to gather again post COVID-19, it seems like people are planning to get together with their neighbors even more with block parties and summer gatherings. I for one am ready for that.

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