Minnesota Power stated Tuesday that it  move away from coal-fired electricity and generate more power from natural gas and wind as well as solar power.

Minnesota Power submitted it's 15 year plan and has pledged to add another 200-300 megawatts of natural gas generation. No detail on when it will happen or what coal-fired generators it will take offline in coming years to reduce carbon output. The update on power plans is required by the PUC every two years and explains "how the utility will supply customers with a safe, reliable, and affordable power supply while further improving environmental performance" according to Amy Rutledge, a Minnesota Power spokeswoman.

Minnesota Power also outlined how it plans to meet Minnesota' state-mandated solar energy standard by 2020 with both large and consumer-scale solar generation. You can read the full article from the Duluth News Tribune here and let me know what you think of these changes in the comments below.

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