Minnesota adds another number one ranking as the number of kids dying from auto-accidents, cancer, homicides, and other causes have dropped boosting the state to number one for well-being of children.

After ranking number five last year, Minnesota leapfrogged to take that number one spot. According to an article from the Star Tribune Stephanie Hogenson, research and policy director for Children's Defense Fund-Minnesota said "Most child and teen deaths are accidents...Safety measures and being safe in the community can help improve that outcome and Minnesota does a good job with those efforts."

Being a father of two young daughters, I'm always worried about them. It's nice knowing that Minnesota is currently ranked number one in this and is usually in the top five. But I'll still take precautions with safety measures, because you never know when an accident can happen.

Let me know what you think about Minnesota being number one for children well-being in the comments below.