A sheriff's office in Minnesota is putting out the call to help identify a guy that captured a climb to the top of a city water tower live on Snapchat.

The incident happened in the Southern Minnesota town of Hayfield, which is about a 3 and a half hour drive south of Duluth, located about 20 miles southwest of Rochester, Minnesota. It has a population of just over 1,300 people.

According to a post from the Dodge County Sheriff's Department, a male climbed the Hayfield water tower sometime last week, chronicling the whole (illegal) adventure live on video via Snapchat.

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In a story from the Post Bulletin (paywall), a local newspaper in the area, the county sheriff Scott Rose is quoted calling the individual an "idiot" in discussing the incident. According to the newspaper report, authorities only became aware of the guy's climbing stunt because of the video he shared on May 18 via Snapchat.

The Post Bulletin explains that an employee for the City of Hayfield brought the video to the attention of local law enforcement.

Sheriff Rose said nobody was able to identify the man locally, but stressed concern over the incident. He told the Post Bulletin "The last thing we want to see is copycats because there are serious safety concerns up there", adding "we just don't want anybody hurt".

The department's Facebook post explains that they are hoping they can get help from the public identifying this individual so they can "properly welcome him to the county with a trespassing ticket."

So, if you happen to recognize the bearded fella in the photo above, the Dodge County Sheriff's Department would like to hear from you.

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