Who could resist a cute baby animal? It's easy to see a baby animal and want to approach it or get close to it but you shouldn't - and one Minnesota Sheriff's Office is explaining why.

If you need a daily dose of cute animals, we have one for you. Have you ever heard of a quokka? It's a relatively unknown animal that is from a small area in the western part of Australia. You can't help but say "awwww" when you see one.

In other animal-related news, a Minnesota pilot was injured after a wild duck smashed through the windshield of a helicopter! The duck actually hit one of the co-pilots in the head when he crashed through the window.

My very favorite animal-related story from this year is definitely the bulldog that won the 2022 Drake Relays contest. The bulldog happens to be from Minnesota and I think he rightfully won the crown just for being so cute!

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Like I said, while some baby animals or animals in general might be cute, you shouldn't approach them. Apparently this is becoming a problem in Minnesota this year, as many residents channel their inner Minnesota nice trying to save what they think is a lost baby animal.

Earlier this week, the Washington County Sheriff's Office shared a long post on their Facebook page, writing that everyone should leave these baby animals alone. According to their post, they have received several calls from concerned Minnesotans about baby animals like fawns, bunnies, birds and other young wildlife.

People are calling once they spot one of these young animals and sometimes, even try to approach them or take them in in an effort to "save" them. It is a common misconception that baby animals on their own are abandoned but that isn't the case. Instead, mothers or fathers will venture out and return to their young until they are strong enough to go out on the venture as well.

What about if you know for sure that an animal is abandoned? This can be hard to tell for sure, as we mentioned many parents venture out without their young before circling back later on in the day. If you aren't sure but think there is even a chance an animal is abandoned, the Washington County Sheriff's Office says to reach out to a local rehabilitation center and have them take it from there.

This is also happening on a local level. The Pine County Sheriff's Office, located a short drive from Duluth, shared the post and stated that they too are receiving several calls about young animals. They are asking Northlanders to take the same advice.

There you have it. If you see a young animal, leave it alone. You can fawn over it from afar!

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