For those that aren't aware, fast food restaurant White Castle has its own Hall of Fame, and this year's inductees include 3 from Minnesota.

In 2001, White Castle created their Cravers Hall of Fame as a way to "recognize its most zealous fans", since its creation there have been a total of 274 inductees, the list even includes some celebrities, rocker Alice Cooper, Kal Penn, and comic book pioneer Stan Lee are all in the Hall of Fame.

This year White Castle added 11 new inductees including its first city, Whiting, Indiana was inducted after their location that was built in 1935 was town and replaced with a new, larger restaurant last year.

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White Castle also added two Minnesotans to the Hall of Fame, actually it was 3 people as one of the inductees is a pair of longtime friends, Joe Dubay from Blaine, and Chris Parr from Minneapolis are both skilled cross-country skiers who entered the American Birkebeiner, the largest ski race in North America using a specially made pair of tandem skis.

Dubay and Parr made a humorous documentary of their adventure that included lots of trips to White Castle, they even ate a world-famous Slider as they finished the race with Parr pulling out a Slider that was hidden in his ski suit and shared it with Dubay saying, "that single and still steamy Slider gave us the will to continue our journey and inspire a future of White Castle-fueled adventures together."

The other inductee is Paula Engelking of St. Louis Park, whose husband is already in the Cravers Hall of Fame, he was inducted two years ago after sharing his side of this White Castle love story that started 30 years ago when the couple found love over a six-pack of frozen Sliders. To this day, the couple celebrates every Valentine's Day over some Sliders at their favorite White Castle location.

All 11 inductees were flown to White Castle's annual leadership conference at its home office in Columbus, Ohio for a ceremony that included a reception in their honor, and they also got a plaque commemorating their special place in the Cravers Hall of Fame.

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