Earlier this year, the Minnesota State Patrol launched Project 20(22), in which they would focus on different parts of the state over the course of five weekends with the goal of reducing the deadliest traffic violations: speed, lack of seat belt use, distraction, and impairment.

During these weekends, patrols in the designated areas would greatly intensify. The Minnesota State Patrol set the following schedule for Project 20(22):

  • May 13-15 – Hwy 371/Hwy 169, Little Falls to Walker
  • June 24-26 – Twin Cities Metro Freeways
  • July 15-17 – Twin Cities Metro Freeways
  • August 5-7 – I-35, Pine City to Duluth
  • Sept. 16-18 – I-94, Moorhead to Rogers
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As you can see, this weekend they're focusing on the Northland on a weekend when a lot of people will be traveling along I-35 in both directions to attend things like the Festival Of Sail In Two Harbors, City on the Hill Music Festival in Duluth and the Kenny Chesney show at U.S. Bank Stadium. 

They reminded motorists that the Northland area would be a focus on the official Minnesota State Patrol Facebook page:

If you’re going to the cabin, taking a trip to Duluth or visiting the North Shore this weekend, make sure you’re driving safe. A team of troopers will be patrolling highways in the northeast corner of the state as part of Project 20(22). They’ll be looking for the deadliest traffic violations: speed, not wearing a seat belt, distraction and impairment. Drive smart.


Minnesota State Patrol Facebook
Minnesota State Patrol Facebook

Whatever you have planned this weekend, have a fantastic time and please drive safely, even if you're travels won't take you onto I-35 where the Minnesota State Patrol will be paying extra attention to all motorists.

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