The Minnesota State Patrol has had enough with street racing and decided to crack down last week.

During a planned operation last Friday night, the Minnesota State Patrol conducted street racing patrols last Friday night on Twin Cities freeways and made 19 stops, issuing 4 reckless/careless driving citations for speeds of 112, 112, 102, and 97 mph.

During one attempted stop, the suspect fled after a Trooper tried to stop them for street racing, he was later found at a residence and arrested for suspicion of fleeing police in a motor vehicle and first degree burglary, and he had three outstanding felony arrests warrants from Hennepin County.

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The Minnesota State Patrol says, "We want drivers to understand that excessive speeds can lead to life-changing consequences. Combine speed with racing other vehicles and the consequences can change several families lives forever."

Speed related deaths on Minnesota roads continues to be an issue, and law enforcement agencies across the state are cracking down. In May alone 21 people died in speed-related crashes around the state, that compares to 9 in 2020, and only 5 in 2019, so the numbers are up dramatically.

There were 45 total deaths on Minnesota roads during May, that compares to 25 last year, most were males and most were speed related. Impaired driving is also on the rise, 2,239 motorists were arrested for DWI in May, compared with 1,700 in May 2020. Take it easy out there, no need to die to get wherever you are going.

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