Jonathan Jones is a student at Lakeview Elementary School in Cottonwood Minnesota. The other day in class his teacher was discussing colorblindness which Jonathan is severely colorblind . His principal who is also colorblind handed Jonathan a pair of special glasses and for the first time he was able to see color.

It is hard to watch this video and not tear up a bit when you see how emotional Jonathan becomes with seeing color for the first time. What a great moment. The video above is starting to go viral which I think could maybe help some people to realize that these glasses are out there to help them see color. But, the downfall is they are fairly expensive.

According to Bring Me The News Jonathan's Mom set up a Go Fund Me Page to help raise the $350 to help buy Jonathan a pair of glasses that will help him see color all the time. As of today the fundraising goal is close to $2,000!

The family released a statement saying: "We have been overwhelmed by how many kind, generous people have wanted to help him get a pair of his own color blind glasses. We will use these funds to purchase his own pair and donate any additional funds to the Enchroma Foundation who purchase color blind glasses for those who can't afford them."

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