A snake probably isn't what you expect to see when you pull someone over for speeding, right?

The Minnesota State Patrol shared a funny and unusual story on their Facebook page Monday (April 13th) regarding a motorist they encountered on the roads in early April.

According to their post, a trooper pulled a motorist over for speeding when they noticed something moving on the passenger side floor of the vehicle. When the trooper asked the driver what it was, she picked up her 3-foot-long pet snake of the white king variety.

The driver said she was speeding because the snake wasn't feeling well and she was taking it to the vet. No word on how the snake is doing now but the driver was cited for speeding.

The incident happened on the first somewhere along Interstate 494 in Minnesota. If I was that trooper, I would have run away. Ha!

The Minnesota State Patrol also issued a note this month, saying they have seen an increase in "extreme speeding" since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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