'80s babies will have a chance to relive one of one of the decade's greatest contributions to the movie world: Ghostbusters. The revamped version of Ghostbusters is set to hit theaters next month and to show off their 21st century edge, the good folks at Columbia Pictures tapped Missy Elliott and punk rockers Fall Out Boy to remake the movie's theme song. M-I-S-S adds a verse to the heavy metal single about rounding up the Ghostbusters and taking care of extra-terrestrial business.

"Can't sleep when I'm home alone/Night time my lights on/Whoo! Got me scared/Whoo! Hidin' underneath my bed/In my closet down the hall/I see shadows all on my wall/Man, these monsters be big and tall/Ghostbusters, who you goin' call?/They roll up to my house/They knockin' at my door/They comin' bustin' in! Get all them ghosts/Something strange in my neighborhood/Look out the window and it ain't too good/I ain't afraid so let's get to it/Let's smoke these ghosts like bag of wood"

Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group have already recruited G-Eazy and Jeremih to add to the film's new soundtrack. Fall Out Boy is no stranger to working with rap artists. Their 2013 single "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark" featured an unexpected guest verse from 2 Chainz and the guys have worked with the likes of Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Tyga and Jay Z. The original "Ghostbusters" theme from the 1984 flick was sung by jazz musician Ray Park Jr., so you can imagine the new song is a far cry from where it started musically. Check it out above.

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