So is there a posthumous Aaliyah project in the works? No one seems to know, not even Missy Elliott or Timbaland. The hit-making duo appeared on Power 105's The Breakfast Club Tuesday morning (Sept. 18) to set the record straight on their involvement with the supposed album.

When asked about the Aaliyah project, Timbo seemed perplexed about it and felt that the news of the LP was exaggerated by the media. "Is it really real?" he asked the Breakfast Club. "What’s one record to say there’s an album? I don’t know if this is a real topic. I know people, we hear people, but...I think it’s just fabricated. I think people blowing it out of proportion. I don’t think it’s all of that. I think something maybe occurred and I think it might have been pulled back."

Timbo also revealed that he talked to Noah "40" Shebib who is supposedly executive-producing the Aaliyah LP with Drake, and says he didn't tell him anything about the project. "I talked to 40 and it’s all misconstrued," he said. "I think that it was presented in a way where it wasn’t that picture. He called me like, ‘Yo, what has happened? I think we was just doing a song and it blew out of proportion.' I was like, 'I don’t know, because when it comes to Baby Girl, it’s very sensitive.'"

Meanwhile, Missy insists that she hasn't been contacted about any project related to the late singer. Even still, the Grammy-winning rapper says she wouldn't contribute anything to the album without the consent of Aaliyah's immediate family. "Nobody has reached out to me. It’s not even about reaching out to me. I personally want to respect her family," said Missy. "If her mother or her brother or father has come and said we’re ready to do an Aaliyah album because I always say as fans -- we are still fans too -- as fans, we would want to hear Aaliyah but there’s a respect that has to be given and shown."

"Because for us, we can go on about our lives and we still mourn, but not the way this family -- her mother, her brother, her father -- they knew her before she was Aaliyah to the world," she adds. "So until they come and say 'Missy and Tim, we are ready to do an Aaliyah album,' we just felt like we would pull back from it. But nobody reached out either."

Other artists who have worked with Aaliyah in the past have expressed their thoughts on the matter. Rapper DMX has boldly come out and stated that he's not comfortable with Drake's involvement in the project.

"I’m kinda feelin’ some kinda way about the fact that you been commissioned, that you been blessed, you’ve been given the opportunity to do the Aaliyah album," he said, "yet you don’t include anybody that she worked with personally."

“How do you disregard what this woman did?" he continued. "What this beautiful angel did and say, ‘Oh OK, I’m gonna take it for myself because I’m hot right now and I’m feelin’ myself.' How do you just go there with it? Your balls ain’t that big, son."

What do you think? Do you believe a posthumous Aaliyah album is really in the works, or was it just a one-off single kind of deal? Tell us in the comments below.