As the craze continues to spread across the internet, everyone has seen at least one Harlem Shake video by now. MIX 108 decided to undertake making an official Duluth version, including the world's biggest freshwater lake and frigidly cold air to make it as authentic as possible.

This adds to a small collection of other Twin Ports Harlem Shake videos, including one done by UMD students, a group at St. Scholastica, and others (see them all below). Wind chill values ranged between -10 and -15 degrees as a group of very brave Duluthians met in Canal Park on the shore of Lake Superior. With crazy costumes and temperatures cold enough to make anyone shake, here it is!

FYI: MIX 108's Tony Hart is in the white bunny outfit in the back, Jeanne Ryan is in the black jacket with the green hood on the left, and Laura is in the penguin outfit on the right. Our General Manager Merry even joined in on the fun, sporting a MIX 108 t-shirt! Unfortunately someone had to run the camera, so Cooper is behind the camera making all the magic happen.

Watch the "Duluth Shake" Video

College of St. Scholastica Harlem Shake

UMD Harlem Shake