We've seen a lot of snow in the state this winter, and it's been great for snowmobiling. If you own a sled, you're looking for every excuse to ride when we have years like this because you don't want to waste the opportunity for good riding. According to KTSP in Milaca, MN, students began riding their snowmobiles to school. That is until a letter was sent out by the school district reminding parents that snowmobiles are not allowed on the school property.

Lots of calls from upset parents and students came in to the school and also local snowmobile clubs. Snowmobiling is a huge part of the economy in the winter months, and they work hard to groom snowmobile trails.

Many feel that if the students have their license, took the safety class, and are safely operating the machines then what is the harm?

Since the controversy began, the school superintendent says they will take a second look at the policy and try to find a suitable outcome.

What do you think? Should students be able to ride snowmobiles to school?

Also, on a related note, this happened in Northern Minnesota last month. Many schools have ride your snowmobile to school days.


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