The power and beauty of Lake Superior never ceases to amaze me.

I'm part of a Facebook group called Minnesota Naturalists where people share incredible things in nature in the great state of Minnesota, and this week a video was shared that I thought was just the coolest thing. A videographer caught an amazing video of an ice sea cave collapsing on Lake Superior just north of Duluth.

Group member Ron Benson shared the videos saying:

Warning! Wild, scary and beautiful videos ahead! My good friend and great photographer, Heather Moe, shot this beautiful sea cave/arch video yesterday. She got very, very wet. Not to be outdone, I decided that I wanted to shoot some pics and video at the same location this morning. Little did I know that I would nearly be crushed by that same arch as it collapsed moments after I arrived.

Ron mentioned that at no point was he ever directly under the arch, he had heard a large crack and moments later tons of ice collapsed into the water.

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In the video, you can see the ice melting away drop by drop, and then out of nowhere the whole thing just falls like someone or something kicked, but it was just Mother Nature giving out and getting ready for a change in seasons. It's honestly amazing that this ice cave stayed up as long as it did, in the other video posted, the waves from the lake were beating on it like none other, but the real downfall of it was the sun.

Thanks for sharing these incredible videos Ron Benson!

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