This might not be the first thing you think of when you think of the Minnesota Department of Transportation but they have some pretty good jokes. At least, they had a pretty good joke they shared on social media recently.

There are always funny memes and viral videos that circulate the internet these days. It seems there is a new one every single week that takes over! Recently, for some context, there was a meme involving a young set of teenagers that broke the internet.

I don't know the exact day or moment this meme caught fire but it was at some point recently. The meme features a picture of a teenage couple with the girl yelling in his ear as the boy looks into the distance.

The meme is hilarious because the boy in the picture looks miserable while the girl explains something excitedly. In response to this viral photo, people made it into a meme with capital letters and long run-on sentences explaining anything and everything.

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You may just have to see the meme to understand. Lucky for you, the Minnesota Department of Transportation shared their own take on the meme. Of course, this take spotlights the famous zipper merge, something Minnesotans are famous for not understanding.

For some reason, Minnesotans are famous for not being able to use the technique that is the zipper merge. If you aren't familiar with it, it is perfectly described by the funny meme they shared on Twitter.

They shared the funny meme on Friday (August 19th). If you need an extra laugh, go read people weighing in on the tweet. Ha!

See what I mean? The meme is hilarious and I love that they brought some levity to their social media account. Plus, you can't deny that it really does accurately describe the zipper merge.

The zipper merge is a controversial topic among Minnesotans. For some reason, people don't know how to zipper merge or they just don't. This is something that MnDOT has addressed in the past. This, in my opinion, is the best way to address it. Ha!

If you find yourself needing a little refresher, MnDOT even has a very educational video on the zipper merge. In the meantime, you can keep reading the meme over and over. It will give you a good laugh!

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