After a long, hard summer of chasing after kids, there's no better time for parents than the first day of school. As proof, check out this mom who literally dances in the street as her grumpy kids board a bus to start a new school year. Go mom!

While Kool and the Gang's 'Celebration' plays, Massachusetts mom Tracy Moutafis shimmies, spins, claps her hands and kicks her legs at the prospect of life without her kids. 11-year-old George and 9-year-old Angelo are none too happy that the summer's over, of course, and file onto the bus after making several disgruntled comments.

But Moutafis' sheer joy won't be diminished, and she even continues dancing for several moments after the bus has pulled away. Apparently, Moutafis has been doing her happy dance on an annual basis for the past four years and she has no plans to stop now.

Even more surprising, Moutafis says her boys aren't embarrassed by her behavior, but we're not sure we believe that at all. With cheesy dance skills like that, they're probably just as happy to get away from her too.

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