A new housing option may be available this winter for renters looking for a convenient downtown location.  It is being called Lake Avenue Flats which will be a 30-unit building coming to the corner of Lake Avenue and Superior Street downtown in the old Gartner Hotel building next to Pizza Luce right next to the skywalk.

I remember when I first moved to Duluth and was driving around downtown and I noticed a bunch of really old buildings that I thought would make really cool loft like apartments with the exposed brick and wide open floor plans. To bad I am not a developer because over the last few years we have seen a boom in these older buildings being rehabbed and turned into apartments

The latest to join the group is Lake Avenue Flats. The building will house studio, one and two bedroom apartments right in the heart of downtown. Obviously there is a certain demographic that a place like this would appeal to young professionals or medical workers that want the downtown experience. But, the million dollar question will be what is the rent per month on these apartments?  So many of these developments both in brand new buildings or in older ones like this, the average price for rent is out of reach for many people.

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According to the Follmer Commercial Real Estate Web Site parking is available at the Tech Village, so that could be an issue for some if the lot is full and you have a vehicle. The developers are hoping to have some of the unite ready to rent by this winter while they continue to work on the apartments. It was not noted if the building has an elevator or not. Take a 3D tour of one of the finished units.

Aaron Schweiger is the Managing Director at Zenith Asset Management said to FOX21:

Duluth is a great city. We see a lot of potential in this city and a lot of growth here and there’s always a need.  I love these old brown stone, brick buildings they are all over throughout Duluth and the upper Midwest . They’re just such unique little pieces of property.

The unit that is done looks awesome, and is totally a place I would love, but with 2 small dogs it would be tough living downtown and taking them for walks to go to the bathroom. But it seems that all these new apartments are filling up, so obviously there is a market around here for these modern higher end apartments.

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