The Iron Mug Coffee House in Morgan Park had closed it's doors before a  resident of the area stepped in to help it reopen for business.

According to KBJR philanthropist Mike Letica and Morgan Park resident for many years, said that after he received many requests on Facebook from other community members about how to save the local business he felt he needed to step in and help.

Letica went on to say that it was important to him to not lose the only good retail thing that they have going in the area, and he did not want to lose that. For Letica and many others in Morgan Park it was a place you could go, have some pizza and chat with your friends and neighbors.

Letica said that he had help from two partners on his venture to save The Iron Mug, which will open it's doors on June 9th. According to The Iron Mug Coffee House Facebook Page, Letica is the new owner.


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