I think everyone hear in the Northland agrees that we are in for a doozy of a winter, cold temps and lots of snow, all of which I was happy to leave this past weekend.

I love getting on plane when it is 2 degrees knowing that even though I am not going somewhere tropical, I can leave the cold and snow behind for a few days. We set out on our flight to Virginia....the state of...not Virginia MN. Living in Minnesota I realized that you must always clarify that.

We were off to historical Williamsburg Va where the temps were hovering around mid 40's. Perfect, except for our return home. I have flown a ton in my day, but I am not a huge fan of flying in the winter, but this could not be helped. For some reason it seems more things could go wrong on a flight, icy runway, de- icing the plane, snow storms etc.

All was well on Monday morning as we headed off to the airport ready to fly home, the flight was delayed about 40 minutes which is not to bad, rumor had it that the plane was late coming back from Detroit. The flight back to Minneapolis was very uneventful until we landed . Apparently when we landed on the icy runway it messed up the steering for the plane, so we were basically stranded 100 yards from the terminal.

The pilot came on and said we would have to be towed to the gate, so  about 70 of the 100 people on the flight feverishly got on their phones to reschedule connecting flights. Well, about an hour later here comes this little golf cart with prongs on it to move this plane, and he did it.

Now everyone knows how ancy you can be when you land, you want to just get off the plane, so not only did we have to sit for one and a half hours on the runway, we were not able to get up and go to the bathroom either. Hence the big problem....I am happy to report nobody including myself peed their pants but it was close. :)

All is well until we get in the car and head back to Duluth, it was cold 3 degrees, snowing and the roads were sheer ice. Of course to top it off you always have those drivers who are screaming past you as if they are racing in the Audubon.  We saw tons of accidents along 35w but we made it home safe and sound. I have never been so happy to see the steam coming off Lake Superior and seeing the temperature continue to drop in my life. It's good to be home.:)