A new dining establishment inspired by 'Moulin Rouge' is getting ready to open in Minnesota.

The new place will be more than a restaurant, it will also be an event center and have a basement speakeasy. Dubbed "Paris in the North Loop", it will also be located in a historic location.

Ribninick Furs on 224 North 1st Street in Minneapolis has operated in the building for over 70 years. The building has since been going through renovations over the last few years to transform into "Paris in the North Loop".

According to The Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Chef David Fhima and his son, Eli Fhima will run the operation and said:

The restaurant will offer the same eccentric aesthetic as the infamous Moulin Rouge in France, with an authentic speakeasy bar, a brasserie ambiance in the main dining room, and an all-American event center on the third floor.

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The new restaurant will be called Maison Margaux and is set to open on May 12th, 2023. If you're wondering, "Margaux" is the French word for pearl, to which they stated "we are a winter away from opening and happy to announce that amid the greatest storm, we have found our "Margaux" on their website.

The restaurant is also taking reservations starting next week (April 24th).

They also stated on the restaurant's website, that the new venture will be a "3-level masterpiece with the coolest underground bar in the world." They also went on to say it will be a "modern take on a Parisian Brasserie, a Ralph Lauren event center, and a neighborhood terrasse".

I for one, am excited to see this come together. Of course, I now need to go watch the movie 'Moulin Rouge' again. You can check out a trailer of the classic film below:

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