Travis Ross is a regular tattooer on the MTV reality show " How Far Is Tattoo Far"  which takes two people who design a tattoo for the other person and designates where it goes on the other persons body as well. The few episodes I ever saw did not end well, friends quickly became enemies.

Ross is opening a pop-up shop at Miller Hill Mall called The Lost Cove Co., which will be located next door to Kay Jewelers and Motherhood Maternity. He hopes to be open by Jan. 1 with a rotation of visiting artists like Bernadette Macias of CMT’s “Tattoo Titans” and Lemeir Mitchell from VH1’s “Black Ink Crew Compton.” he will also have apparel at his shop inspired by Los Angeles surf styles.

Ross said, “What we wanted to do is take the concept of a tattoo convention and make it more laid back.  We want to bring the subculture of tattoos around the country and around the world.” This is believed to be the first tattoo shop at the Miller Hill mall in it's 40+ year history, but for sure the first with celebrity tattoo artists. As of right now a lot of people have pre-booked appointments for the pop-up, but Ross plans to save Saturdays for walk-ins. For more on this story click here.

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