The Voyageurs Wolf Project has released another breathtaking video, this time from a neck collar camera attached to a wolf named O2L. This lone wolf was tracked from Northwestern Minnesota crossing into Ontario. The collar that was used is called a Vectronic-Aerospace camera collar and has worked perfectly for them so far.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is part of the University of Minnesota research project whose primary goal is to study the behavior of wolves during the summer in Northern Minnesota. From predatory behavior, to where their dens are and how many pups they have.

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The video they released is lengthy because it shows everything this wolf did at 5-minute intervals from early morning until the evening. It was filmed last June but was just now released for the public to see. This video gives you a view like no other of the lengths and distances that these wolves go through looking for food and where they are going to sleep.

This particular wolf did make a kill which is not typical on a daily basis, most wolves go an average of 3 to 5 days without killing so this is particularly incredible for this to be caught on tape. Also, the wolf was last spotted on the east side of Lake of the Woods when his collar was released and fell off as scheduled. For more information about the Voyageurs Wolf Project or to lend your support click here.

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