Photo by Glen Cooper/Getty Images

It is nice to know that even after the 100 years that have passed since I went to College, the city of Winona MN and surrounding schools landed at number #19 on the list!

Beautiful Winona MN is nestled in the Bluffs along the Mississippi River and is home to 3 colleges, Saint Marys University of Minnesota, Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical and of Course Winona State University....go Warriors!

According to a new survey from The SafeWise Report on the actual campuses Public Safety staff work closely with Police and Fire Departments to ensure good relationships with the town residents and students. Along with a very active Crime Stoppers groups as well.  I remember feeling very safe around campus and the town itself, but of course I came from a huge suburb outside of Milwaukee and all of my friends grew up outside of Chicago so this small town was quite the adjustment, but looking back now in a awesome way.

Congratulations to Northfield MN which came in at #15 as well, and to our South, The University of Wisconsin Whitewater came in at #39.