I've lived in Duluth well over 10 years and have not visited Glensheen Mansion, until this weekend.

My wife surprised me Saturday night with a date night that ended at Glensheen Mansion for a tour of the historic Congdon estate; this tour was unlike most tours because it was in the dark.

Flashlight tours started again at Glensheen in January and offered a fun way to see the mansion; two tour guides take you through the home pointing out interesting things with their flashlights as you go along.

Having never seen the home before it certainly was a fun way to see it for the first time, the tour guides did a great job of pointing out things in the dark and telling ghosts stories when appropriate.

I did find it strange that there was no mention of the murders that happened there, it seems that it would be a perfect opportunity to tell a truly scary story, but I can also understand why they avoid bringing it up.

If you've never seen Glensheen before I recommend trying the flashlight tour, it was fun and a great date night if you're looking for something different to do.

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