This was my first marathon I've ever seen, and my first time here celebrating Grandma's Marathon.

I had a lot of fun.  I spent the morning at The Reef Bar watching the runners go by.  I figured the runners would be in shape.  One of the things that still surprised me was watching their leg muscles flex as they went by.  As runner #1 went by I looked at his pace and thought to myself 'If I sprinted I would be able to keep up'.  But I would never be able to do that for 26 miles.  By the time he made it past the Reef he had a huge lead on the second and third place runners.

I'd always heard about some of the male runner's having bleeding nipples from rubbing across their shirts.  I thought it would only be a couple here and there.  I stopped counting after I reached 8 with bleeding nipples.  Luckily I didn't see anyone who had messed their pants.  I heard that was pretty common as well.

One guy was juggling as he ran past.  How coordinated do you have to be to run 26 miles while juggling?  Seriously man, you rock!


Here are some pictures I snagged while at the Reef and later on that night at Grandma's Entertainment Tent.

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