The National Weather Service in Duluth has issued a very targeted warning for this weekend, campers.

The National Weather Service says that we can expect storm storms tonight, July 17th, and tomorrow night, July 18th. These storms, especially tonight, could have some extreme wind associated with them, 70 MPH or more. That's enough to take down trees and power lines.

They are also warning that there could be some large hail and some isolated tornados. The National Weather Service is particularly aiming their message at people camping this summer weekend, they are saying to either change plans or find a hard shelter to take cover in if storm warnings are issued for your area, they are also reminding people that RVs are not safe shelters.

They say campers in the Brainerd Lakes region and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area are places of particular concern.

Expect the storms tonight anytime between midnight and 7 AM, and storms on Saturday are expected between 4 PM and midnight.

This warning stretches from just north of the Twin Cities metro area into Canada, so it's a large area that should keep an eye on the weather conditions this weekend.

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For the latest information keep an eye on the National Weather Service on their Facebook page. Also, make sure your phone is charged and/or your weather radio has fresh batteries to stay updated.

NWS Duluth
NWS Duluth

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